Introducing Zinnia’s New and Improved Team Event Planning Portal

April 28, 2023
Flora Muglia
Introducing Zinnia’s New and Improved Team Event Planning Portal

Planning events can be a massive lift - the average multi-day offsite takes over 120 hours of planning time and goes 23% over budget. Yikes! In this economy, who has time or money for that? 

What if there is a better way? 

Picture this - you’re stressed about an upcoming event that you were tasked with planning. 

You log into your Zinnia portal and there are already incredible options within your budget, curated to your preferences, waiting for you. You are able to plan your full team event from start to finish with just a few clicks. This isn’t just a dream scenario, it can be your new reality! 

Here’s a quick look at the 7 things you can do in the new Zinnia portal: 

1. Plan:

Fill out a brief survey with details about your event to help Zinnia provide curated recommendations.

2. Get Inspired:

Explore other potential pre-curated selections through Zinnia’s Explore page.

3. Curate: 

Based on your event goals, timing, and budget - Zinnia curates custom event proposals for you to choose from.

4. Customize:

Select the option that best fits your vision and Zinnia will proceed with booking on your behalf. 

5. Stay on task and have fun:

Putting an agenda together can be time consuming - let Zinnia take care of all of the details and update you in real time.  You can easily check on status and see how your event is coming together:

6. Upload Documents:

You’ll no longer have to scan your email for a copy of the hotel contract or restaurant receipt - Zinnia uploads all contracts and invoices into your portal so you have a centralized place to store all key documents for the event.

7. Stay on Budget:

Zinnia consolidates invoicing into one place - so you don’t have to keep track of different bills and down payment due dates. Easily track and manage against your event budget with our budgetary tracker as your bills are added:

8. Keep track of your team:

You can map all of your attendees and their contact information to simplify booking hotel rooms and parts of the event.

9. Chat with Zinnia:

It’s no secret that events have a lot of moving parts. Don’t worry about things getting lost in email. You can now chat with your dedicated Zinnia event planner directly in the portal - ask questions, make selections, and get support all in one place.

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner, or were “voluntold” to run your team’s upcoming event and need help booking from A-Z, Zinnia is here to help. Zinnia’s event portal provides a single pane of glass for all of your event planning needs. 

Schedule a demo or create an account and start planning today!