Let’s Get Cheesy! Top 10 Themes for Your Next Sales Kickoff

March 7, 2023
Lauren Marturano
Let’s Get Cheesy! Top 10 Themes for Your Next Sales Kickoff
Nobody likes to get together with their team for another boring meeting. More than that, not many sales leaders have the bandwidth to be creating unique content every quarter for their next kickoff meeting. Well, have no fear - both reps and leaders are in luck. If you're looking for some fresh ideas for your next sales kickoff event, look no further! Here's a list of the top ten themes to consider for your next sales kickoff: 

1. “Be Bold and Conquer” 

Encourage your team to think outside the box and strive for success.  

2. “Take the Lead” 

Inspire your team to take initiative and lead the way. 

  • Go for a blindfolded hike with one team member leading another. Talk about trust!

3. “Reach for the Sky” 

Challenge your sales team to aim high and reach their goals. 

  • High ropes course anyone?

4. “Go for the Gold”

Promote a competitive spirit, and reward successes. 

  • When’s the last time you participated in a tug of war? Host a team field day!

5. “Make It Happen”

Motivate your team to take action and make things happen.

  •  Do the impossible by challenging your team to build something out of paper alone!

6. “Dream Big”

Encourage creative thinking and ambition. 

  • Participate in a vision board creation. What does the next year look like to you?

7. “Think Outside the Box”

Push your team to come up with new and innovative ideas. 

  • Try your hand at an improv class! Invite your team to perform their best standup!

8. “Unlock Your Potential”

Help your team reach their full potential. 

  • Show how you can unlock with an escape room!

9. “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

Promote collaboration and team spirit. 

10. “Make the Most of Every Opportunity” 

Remind your team to take advantage of every opportunity. 

  • Volunteer for a local charity to remind your team to always give back.
These themes are sure to inspire and motivate your team to reach their goals. A little bit of cheesiness goes a long way - your sales kickoff is sure to be a success!
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