You should not have alcohol at your next team offsite.

...unless you ensure there are ample N/A alternatives.

Enjoying a drink with coworkers can feel celebratory and relaxing after a long offsite, but it's easy to cause isolation to those without an alternative drink to cheers.

So how do you have fun, while being inclusive of all?

Don't use drinking as the primary planned activity.

-Planning a brewery tour? Find one that also brews Kombucha.
-Hosting a cocktail making class? Offer NA spirits from Sèchey.
-Wine tasting? Host a charcuterie class with optional wine instead.
Alcohol can be celebratory and fun for teams in moderation, just be sure to offer alternatives to make company events inclusive to all!
Do you think alcohol has a place at company-sanctioned events? How do you ensure inclusivity at team retreats? What are your favorite NA alternatives?
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