We are getting close to the most wonderful time of the year: company holiday party season! 

All jokes aside, corporate holiday parties are a wonderful way to get your company together, celebrate the past year together, and get to know each other on a personal level. 

Wondering where to start?

Here are five tips to keep in mind as you plan your upcoming holiday party:

  1. Plan ahead - The early bird gets the worm! Restaurants, caterers, and event spaces book up starting as early as September. While you may still be able to find a place in November, your ability to negotiate times and rates quickly diminishes as supply runs low. 
  1. Book your holiday party on a weekday - While hosting your holiday party on a weekend might sound like a lot of fun, we recommend weeknights for corporate events for multiple reasons.
  • Hosting your event during the week helps you save on cost. Most restaurants and event spaces charge a much higher rental rate or food and beverage minimum on weekends.
  • Weekends can tend to lean into the rowdier side. Hosting on a ‘work night’ helps limit liabilities.
  • Holiday season is a busy time for most, so hosting on a weeknight helps avoid employees having to choose between a work party and a personal event.
  1. Encourage your employees to bring a +1 - Holiday parties are an opportunity to get to know your team on a personal level. Encouraging your employees to invite a loved one allows them to introduce a bit of their world to your company, helping them feel more comfortable. This also gives their spouse, best friend, or mother the opportunity to put faces to the names they inevitably hear so much about throughout the year.
  1. Share clear information - Clear expectations will help make everyone comfortable. What should your party-goers wear? Will there be speakers or dinner at specific times? Is there a gift exchange, a comedian, or is it just a casual open house? Sharing expectations for behavior is also helpful to set the tone and limit liabilities. 
  1. Drive attendance by paying attention to the details - Attendees may be meeting coworkers and their guests for the first time. Creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable and included is vital for a successful event.
  • Plan activities or leave conversation prompts on tables to help everyone feel included and get natural conversation flowing.
  • Choose a location with plenty of parking for easy accessibility.
  • Offer culinary options for all dietary restrictions and plenty of celebratory non-alcoholic beverages.

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