Introverts love company offsites.

But, only if you plan them well.

A company offsite is a dream for the average extrovert:

“A chance to have breakfast and do all the activities with my friends I only see every quarter?! Sign me up!”

If they aren’t planned well, they can be a nightmare for some introverts:

“I have to force small talk over never-ending meetings and activities. I will be exhausted.”

So how do you plan an offsite that is fun for both?

A good balance of structured and unstructured time.

Structured time is great. It ensures the introverted individuals feel included, while offering parameters for the extroverted attendees.

Unstructured time is also great. It gives introverts a chance to recharge, while extroverts are free to plan ad-hoc activities with those that are ready for the next thing.

Depending on your goals, we typically recommend a 50/50 split.

How can you create productive unstructured time?

Extra breaks throughout the day to unwind and catch up on work

Clearly mark activities as optional or expected

Offer lunch stipends to enable individuals to choose between ordering room service or planning a group lunch in town

Choose a “central location” where attendees congregate during downtime like the lobby of your hotel or a nearby coffee shop

Atlanta CEO Council does a great job of creating unstructured networking, with intentional structured content, making it fun for all!

So what do you think? Are you an introvert that loves offsites? What is your perfect balance?